Being a warm-hearted person in the world, I seldom turn down any requirement for help. In fact, I treat most people around me as warm as I can except those who are disliked by me. I haven’t learnt to how to refuse others as experienced people do.
I even help the co-workers of mine without realizing that some of them are bitch-like. When I was told that some do harm to me in front of the so-called ‘leader’ whom is considered to be lacked of management and to be thoughtless and to be useless everywhere IT has ever worked for. I didn’t pay any attention to the dark chicken though they should be punished in some way. Now that your fucked leader is of ability, why not kiss IT asshole.
I have spent much time and energy and thoughts on persuading my friends who seem to be lost or missed in the way of living or working. I don’t know if I have really helped them or directed them correctly by telling them my thinking in my field. But two things are certain on the earth. On the first hand, I never do harm to my friends. On the opposite, my original purpose is helping them out. It is what I think I should do to do a favor for my friends. On the other hand, I don’t attend in the disturbing situation they encounter. Perhaps my words would pull them to be clear-of-minded. To them, I analyze the condition they are in my field and try my best to have their worries clean. In some cases, I am really sad and sorrowful for I could do nothing to help them accept comforting them by words. I wish I would help all of my friends and solve out all their troubles. No matter what the reality it is, I will do what I think I must do. It is the standard my father has built up for me since I was young.
I never request for rewards of those whom have been helped by me. It is my honor to assist them. Besides, I am glad of the process in which some are helped out. I really like the feeling. Maybe I am useless, but I will devote myself to heal my friends. I don’t like hearing thanks from my friends. Actually, every of them also has helped me either mentally or materially. To my joy, I have so many fellow good friends. It is great fortune to my life. When I am low, I will remind of the funny or moving or encouraging things about them in my brain. No word or phrase can express my comforts of it. They come from the health!

On the sea

When I was young, my younger twins brother and I always begged our parents to sail with the fishing ship of our family. But we were refused all the time! To compensate our pity of being refusing to sail, we stayed in the ship whenever it came back from the sea. All items in the ship had been played by us. No one was will to safeguard the ship in the harbor. But my brother and I would be excited when we were allowed to stay in the ship day and night even in the harbor. One time, when I was 12-year-old, we persuaded our mother successfully to allow us to sail with our father and uncles in summer holiday. We pick up our clothes and other items including our radioimmediately and went to the ship delightedly. We climbed up to the ship by ourselves and chose bed there. The engine ran and we heard it noise. No word could express our joy at that moment. While we were imagining our first voltage on the sea, we found someone was calling us on the beach. We ran to the head of the ship and saw our mother was standing there. She said she was upset and sad when we left for the ship. She missed and worried us much. She insisted that we must abandon our sailing and go back with her. The ship was to sail and my father and my uncle thought we should go to them for training. But our mother cried with tears falling off her eyes. We finally abandoned the sailingunwillingly.
One year later, all members ofthe whole families came into the same agreement that my younger brother and Icould sail in summer holiday. We did jump up to the moment we were told the decision. When the sailing day came, we rushed to the ship and hide ourselves in the care of the ship and kept silent in case of calling back by anyone.Eventually, no one did it. Our mother told us that she was nervous whenever my father was on the sea especially in the windy and raining days. Years later, Iunderstood her completely. She must be more nervous and upset while her two sons were in the sea.
Hearing the noise of the engine, we sailed for the blue sea. My brother and I stood at the head of the ship and watched all things in sight. The ship split the water off and southeastern. Soon after we left the harbor, it began to rain. A moment or two later, it rained bare and we had to stay in the cage. But we still stared at the outside through the eyesight was getting dim. Having been on the semiconscious times, my father and uncles took the heavy rain easy.
The rain continued and the ship stayed on the sea heavily. We were arranged to sleep beside my youngest uncle in the driving room. As it mentioned before, they all had got used to the terrible weather on the sea, so no one paid attention to the living condition of us. We were in great fear the moment weighing down. We were afraid of closing our eyes. What is worse, the water from the roof got us wet. It was cold on the sea and we shook. I didn’t know why we not call for help. Too frightened? While we were in fear, the brother-in-law of my youngest appeared in front of us. He chose another place for us to sleep, where an old fisherman was listening to the radio which was broadcasting the ‘Godand Jesus’. We were away from the wet driving room, but we were scared by the radio. It was a sleepless night at all. Years later, the warm-hearted uncle died in a disaster which all fishermen were rescued except him.

When I woke up in tomorrow morning, I found the old fisherman who was also a cook in the ship was not there. All fishermen were on broad working as usual. My brother and I climbed up to the deck finds the rain had gone. It was sunny outside. We sat along the deck watching the blue water below us. We got insight a strange creature which we had never seen before. So we asked the adults. They all laughed and told us that we ate it often. Then, we knew that it was a jellyfish which we ate daily.Considering that we were too young, nothing about fishing was arranged to us. Thetford sunny day on the sea was going to disappear. I saw the sunset on the sea for the first time and I would never forget it. The sea was painted to be red by the sun. My brother and I lain down on the deck in the night watching the walkway and stars in the sky. The sky above the sea was almost the same as the one in my hometown at that time. We ate too many fishes in the 7 days’ sailing. It tasted different from those we ate at home. Because we ate them only few hours after they were fished.

When we came back from the sea and landed in the harbor, we found that the earth was shaking. It was the phenomenon which only appeared in the first time when someone came back from the sea. Amazing!

My younger brother has been a real fisherman for more than 13 years and I have named myself for 13years. I am afraid that I will never have the chance to sail again for I have been trapped by the city life for 8 years. He brings me some food which is obtained on the sea every year to comfort me.

I miss the days of the sea.

On my way home

I got on the subway train at 11 to ten with master Han after our activity of today. Needn’t to say, today was a colorful day thought I didn’t see sunshine. I didn’t have any time to worry about what I worry. As I read somewhere before, some will feel the wind if she/he is running. I really felt the wind today in the condition that my heart ran all the day. I did find some comfort in the deep of my heart.
I wrote the forth article on Uncle Wang this afternoon in respond to his deleting of my QQ. His wife denied that she had deleted my QQ in RenRen. It is obvious that she hadn’t known what we fun of. I just kidded Uncle Wang by telling him that his wife did what he had done. However, she failed to read the black joke. To me sorrow, Uncle Wang has left us and his life style is different from us. All have been changed but I am still missing the old days. I hate changing, but changing is everywhere.
Used to be a young cynic, I can’t believe that I have comforted one of my friends with calm and encouraging words, who had been lost in the way of life. I don’t know if my encouragement has effected, but I will come for the heal. It is my standard to my friends.
I have introduced 3 boys to a girl who was also graduated from BIGC. But I was surprised that the first two had broken away from her. I haven’t succeeded in introducing, I am thinking the reason. Whatever does the reason exist?
I received a message early in the morning a few days ago in which I read a comforting sentence which content is below in English:
Though the manners and morals are narrow, the world in one’s heart is wide.
I have to stop here for I ought to take the bus now.

Our Uncle Wang forever-4

As revenge to Uncle Wang, I write those below.
On a Friday, I spotted in surprise that Uncle Wang had deleted my QQ for no reason. I had intended to say good noon to him that day. So I rejoined him and asked him the reason angrily.To me dismay, the wick sick old Uncle replied easily by telling me that he deleted me by accident. But I never trusted his word since he married. Aftershocks his sister, I asked him if Aunt Wang ordered him do it. As we all know, Uncle Wang did deny what I said as usual in a rude tune which he always response to men. Uncle Wang is far away from us, so I need to write something legendary about him on the purpose of reminding of him.

While we were still in BIGC, our daily life was linked with him. Our joys also included. In addition to the 3 articles before, I am willing to write a funniest incident which was exposed by me with the sensitive finding of mine. On one of the winter holiday of college, Uncle Wang dated one of his girlfriends for gathering. Uncle Wang set out to another city early in the morning from Shouguang impatiently. I knew little about what they did daytime, but important point was held by me. After the activity of day time, Uncle Wang realized that he had missed the final bus home and he had to stay in the city for a whole night waiting for the bus next morning. It was said that Uncle Wang was too excited with the girl beside him. So he forgot to go back. But I am sure that he had lain. We all knew clearly what he had intended to do. The dirty and ugly Uncle had planned carefully what the date should be. He forgot the time and missed the bus on purpose. Considerations Uncle Wang would be lonely and tedious in the night, the warm-hearted girlfriend that their spending the night in hotel altogether. Needn’t to say, Uncle Wang accepted her advice immediately. I guessed that the girl hadn’t spotted his real purpose before they checked in. The girl told me the funniest result after the holiday that Uncle Wang reached his long arms to her and intended to embrace her in deep night. She was too intense to response. Before she was touched by Uncle Wang, she kicked Uncle Wang and then Uncle Wang dropped from the bed by accident for he never thought that the girl would act like this. Bellingham he had exposed his real purpose. Uncle Wang was obliged to fall asleep without further motions. When I told the funny story to my fellow friends of BIGC, They were all shocked by tentativeness of the girl and weakness of Uncle Wang. Actually, I cared more about the details of the motion, of which Uncle Wang was kicked off the bed.

Uncle Wang always tells us his attitude toward marriage in pride. The main point of the attitude results out to be a RED FLAG standing firmly home and COLORFUL FLAGS floating outside. I ought to inform Aunt Wang of the famous attitude Uncle Wang held.


I had been told when I was in teenager by my mother that all should be done as soon as possible. It is a principle she made for me that seemed to be a reasonable advice that has influenced me since I began to think about my behaviors. Under this background, I often tell myself that I should follow her advice whenever I am slow in dealing with matters that are considered to be complex or hard to conquer. However, I have to admit that I always postpone those which should be completed immediately in the condition that I have been aware of them ahead of doing.

Tuskegee hustle and bustle of last weekend into consideration, I was too tired to keep my routine. I didn’t write anything in the train back and forth. I closed my eyes and attempted to have a rest in the train. In the meantime, two kinds of warning were quarreling in my brain. One turned out to continue what should be done daily. Against the first one, the second one was delaying. In the process of their fighting, I slept. I heard in my dream the sentence that life itself needs rest told by a little bird in distance. I was confused while I thought of the two choices fought in my brain that is all right. It was easy to understand why I am in fear of choosing after reading the words above.

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Farewell to the Army of NorthernVirginia

written theday after the surrender to Grant

by RobertLee

Afterfour years of arduous service, marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude, theArmy of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources.

I need not tell the survivors of so many hard-fought battles who have remained steadfast to the last that I have consented to this result from no distrust ofthem; but feeling that valor and devotion could accomplish nothing that couldcompensate for the loss that would have attended the continuance of thecontest, I determined to avoid the useless sacrifice of those whose pastservices have endeared them to their countrymen. By the terms of the agreement,officers and men can return to their homes and remain until exchanged 10.

Youmay take with you the satisfaction that proceeds from the consciousness of dutyfaithfully performed, and I earnestly pray that a merciful God will extend toyou his blessing and protection. With an unceasing admiration of your constancyand devotion to your country11, and a grateful remembrance of your kind andgenerous consideration of myself, I bid you all an affectionate farewell.

Stand Your Ground

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My birthday

Today is my birthday.

Yesterday I said to myself:come on,today is just the last day of my forty two.from tomorrow on,I will not ever be forty two any more in mylife.I really wish I could be in my forty two forever.Obviously I feel older and older .so blue I am at that time.

Right now I have come into my forty three.How fly time.I have had forty three birthdays.of course,before ten years old,I am not able to remember my every birthday that how to spend it.but in my childhood’s mind,when my birthday came,my mum always gave me an egg on my birthday’s morning.and said :just eat it ,after eating the egg,you would spend your one year happily and quickly.just like every people know it,During that hard time, Getting an egg is not a very easy I used to keep the egg into my pocket for a whole day,till night I ate it up very delicious it is.

Just now a friend called me,what do you want for your birthday .a blunch of flowers , a nice birthday cake or sth special.I said the matter of fact,I think I have gotten what I want is my peaceful mature brain and a strong heart.yeah,that’s it.that’s just what I want all the time.I won’t be angry with sb easily.I won’t lost myself anymore ..nobody can beat me .I am I .I own my belief.I own my hobby.I own my dream.I know what is right and what is wrong.

From right now on,I know that happiness belongs to me forever .


Just like most netfriends,every day I have got use my pc,get on line to chat with my friends,look through various news on the net,or shopping on the taobao net and so on.but sometimes when I have nothing to do,I really don’t know what I should do,feel so bored.However these days I realized what I need to do.I need to practse writing English articles every day.

Maybe it’s fate,since the day I knew English,English has just been my favourite language.All the time I dreamed to be an English speaker and have a great pronounciation.what’s more,I can freely chat with native English speaker ,I enjoy listening to the broadcaster on the TV though sometimes not understanding them at all.just focus on it ,that’s enough for me.

Two days ago,Occasionaly I found a blog from my ex-netfriend who is an exellent high school English teacher ,named shengliver.he is also an English fan and has a wonderful oral English.His blog is terrific and colouful.I learnt a lot from his blog.So a good idea came into my mind.why not write about sth in English?first of all,most of people never mind what I write for therir lack of English,so I needn’t fear sb laugh at me.Second I only practise my English,and just write about what I think of and wouldn’t mind complicated grammar or right words to express myself,in a word I needn’t think about too much.lastly,I believe if I keep writing sth in English,my English must make much progress.and never step back.At this moment I am so pleased what I do.come on,just do it.Miss no.

Surely I must learnt how to record sth in English from long as I make me do the problem.I will be a succesful English speaker and succesful lady.hehe.